Manage My Practice | Medical Transcription
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Medical Transcription

As you are no doubt aware, medical transcription is a time-consuming yet necessary part of any medical practice. Doctors and secretaries can dedicate a lot of time and effort doing this at the expense of other parts of practice.


MMP has the perfect solution to save you time and money: encrypted, GDPR-compliant software dedicated to medical transcription.


Scribe Manager is a secure dedicated transcription workflow solution which is perfect for medical practices. As with our other services, you will have full control of your practice’s transcription with 24/7 access to your medical reports so you can monitor its progress.


This 24-hour-a-day commitment is also available for medical reports. Getting a medical report in such a short amount of time guarantees that:

  • insurance companies and embassies receive the information they need on time
  • referrals to other consultants are arranged without delay
  • your practice runs more efficiently which benefits patients who may require reports for further treatment or insurance authorisation