Manage My Practice | Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register for MMP’s services and how does the set-up process work?

  • Registering for our service is simple with minimal effort required on your part

The steps then are:

  • We visit you and offer a FREE practice assessment where we discuss your needs and how we can assist you with your practice
  • If you would then like to work with us, we will send you a contract form which will need to be signed and returned to us
  • If you are switching from another provider, we can handle the transfer from the moment you give your notice
  • We also offer you and your staff any training they need, so as to work with us smoothly
  • The first week you officially join us is called an “intensive care week” when we focus on your practice, allocate a dedicated account manager and ensure the system is running smoothly
  • We will arrange a follow-up visit to discuss your queries and get your feedback.

When will my invoices be sent out?

Invoices are sent out within 24 hours of MMP receiving the details of a patient’s consultation. We issue electronic and self-pay invoices in accordance with your preferred best practice, with daily, weekly or monthly invoicing arranged depending on your billing structure and the requirements of your patients.

What are the benefits of choosing a virtual PA over hiring one?

Hiring a medical secretary or other staff represents a significant cost and investment for any private medical practice. MMP aims to remove all the hassles that go with that by providing your very own virtual personal assistant.

Getting a virtual PA is an efficient, cost-effective solution where you pay an agreed monthly fee depending on the hours you use the service. You get continuity of service uninterrupted by holidays or other types of leave. This also relieves you from the stress of finding cover and allows you to focus on patient care.

What is the free practice assessment and is there any obligation from my side?

Our no-charge onsite assessment allows you to see how we work, what we do and how it can benefit you and your practice. We know time is precious, so this way you will see immediately the pros of working with MMP in an efficient way that suits you.

During the assessment, we discuss with you and/or your practice manager/medical secretary all your needs. We will then suggest ways to improve your administrative efficiency and productivity and decide on which services you need.

There is, of course, no obligation on you to sign up with MMP.


How will I know what is happening to my practice? Will I receive any reports?

MMP is always available to our clients via phone or email. However, we will also provide a comprehensive monthly report on your practice as well as a follow-up face-to-face meeting after the service has been in place for approximately three months. This allows us to discuss our progress with you and your team, as well as making sure you are fully happy with the service.

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