Manage My Practice | About Us
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About Us

Why Choose Manage My Practice?

Dedicated contactable account manager

While we work as a team to provide the certainty of 24/7 support for the running and development of your practice,  you will also have an account manager to contact in the first instance who is dedicated to the day to day management of your business.

Bespoke Service

MMP does not offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Every client gets a personalised plan based on the specific needs of their practice.

Efficient billing to maximise revenue

Our highly experienced team has a “can do” attitude when it comes to invoice collection. We can deal with all types of invoices, including uplifts, embassies, aged debt.

Free practice assessment

We offer a free consultation to assess your requirements and make recommendations on how MMP can work most effectively for you. This initial assessment comes with no obligations to sign up to MMP.

Transparency and control of your practice

We provide you with comprehensive monthly reports on your financial performance, inclusive of our invoice turnaround times. Furthermore, your account manager is always on the other end of the phone to answer your queries.

Extensive experience in private healthcare sector

All the members of our team have been chosen because of their experience in the private medical environment.  All have a time-built track record of expertise in the day to day running of private medical practices,  efficiency in the increasingly complex world of billing and with career maturity comes the knowledge to help you grow your medical practice.

Regular feedback

Our team are easily contactable to  discuss our performance and make suggestions. Together we set up a plan to help your practice grow!

Minimise aged debt

We are committed to maximising your income and minimising aged debt issues. We liaise directly and regularly with customers, insurers and embassies to resolve any issues, provide back up documentation as necessary and get bills paid promptly and in full.

Guaranteed 24h turnaround time

Our guaranteed turnaround times of 24h ensure that your cash flow flourishes as billing is done promptly and efficiently.

Flexible and affordable packages

Our package prices are charged on a flexible pay for use basis.  Use as much or as little as necessary and be in control of your costs.