Medical billing

The MMP advantage..

As we all know, medical billing is a complex area which requires specialized knowledge and extensive experience of the private healthcare sector and the insurance market in the UK. As treatments are costed differently by insurance companies, you need to have a system in place that understands all of this and takes care of it for you, so you don’t have to work out the details of the different billing principles.

After painstaking market research and with our years of experience working with different systems, we have opted to use MidexPro, a private practice management system which can be accessed 24/7 on any device. It enables e-billing by integrating with Healthcode and can be set up according to each practitioner’s agreements with insurance companies.

MidexPro also offers a variety of financial reports so that you always know how your practice is performing and what your profitability is. Transparency is at the core of what we do and having constant access to your own data is of the utmost importance.

As regards billing, we generally send out invoices 24 hours after receipt of your clinic list. We will also follow up on outstanding invoices on a regular basis and ensure that all bills have been received. Our aim is to make the payment process as smooth and professional as possible, while also eliminating any potential delays in payment.

Our service also allows our clients to track all invoices simply by logging into our practice management software at any time of day or night. We also provide a dedicated account manager to each practice, so there is always someone available to answer any queries.